Becky Mehringer
Secretary | Washington County Bar Association

Becky MehringerBorn and raised in Banks, Oregon, Becky went to the University of Oregon, married a Navy Pilot, and spent the next 24 years traveling the United States. She graduated from Santa Clara Law School and became a member of the California Bar, followed by the Maine Bar. After the birth of her second child (and tired of taking Bar Exams every few years) she became a “stay at home” mom for the next 15 years. She remained active as a foster parent, serving on community boards, substitute teaching, and helping with Boy Scouts. When her husband retired, they moved back to Oregon. For the last nine years Becky has worked for the Washington County District Attorney's Office in the Child Support Enforcement Division and is their military liaison. She has served the Washington County Bar Association since 2006 as the President (two terms), secretary (two terms), and treasurer. She was just elected as a Director, and is also currently a member of the Family Law Bench/Bar Committee and a former member of the House of Delegates for the Oregon State Bar. She is still active with Scouts, serving both at the local and Council level. She and her husband enjoy backpacking and kayaking.

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